How to setup Online Eligibility with Lytec and Change Healthcare


1.  Make sure logins are setup in Lytec database as Revenue Management requires a login.

2.  Verify information needed to bill claims (like Practice information, Providers, IDs, etc.) is setup.

3.  Go to Lists, then Standard Lists, then EDI Receivers and enter CHEV as code and Change Healthcare EV as the name.

4.  Go to Lists, then Insurance Companies, on the Claims tab enter the appropriate Eligibility ID.  For any insurances that are on Change Healthcare’s EV Payer List, and that you want to perform EV checks for, The Change Healthcare payer search can currently be found at:

*Note: Registration (Payer Agreement) may be required for some payers (see above link).


1.  On the Lytec server, create a folder called “RMData” in the Lytec Data Folder.  Share the “RMData” folder if Revenue Management will be used at any other workstations.

2.  In the Windows Start-menu, go to “Programs” or “All Programs”, then “Revenue Management”.  Select “Check for Updates”.  If the Lytec is still open and updates are found, close the Lytec.  Complete the update process if updates are found, or click Close if none are found.

3.  Go to Billing, then Revenue Management, then Revenue Management.

4.  Click Create, then browse to and select the “RMData” folder, then click OK.

5.  If the “DB List Upgrade” window appears, click OK, otherwise continue on to the next step.

6.  If the “Revenue Management Update” window appears, click Next then Close (since the updater was run in “Step 2”, no updates should be found).

7.  On the “Add Practice” window, select the practice you’re trying to setup, then click OK.

8.  On the “Database Upgrade” window, click OK.

9.  On the “Configure?” window, click OK.

10.  On the “Connection Wizard” window, click Next.

11.  Enter a Login Name and Password.

12.  Select a “Connection” with the “Description” of “CH Eligibility LY” (for Lytec).

13.  Click Next to continue.

14.  Select the receiver setup for Change Healthcare EV (Practice Management Setup; “Step 3”).

15.  Click Next to continue.

16.  On the “New Receivers” window, no selections should be necessary, click Next to continue.

17.  Complete the following fields on the “Additional Receiver Information” window (it is not necessary to complete the “Secondary Contact Information”).

Group Practice:  Select/check if this is a Group Practice
Primary Contact; Name:  Enter a first and last name.
Primary Contact; Type:  Select “TE/Telephone”.
Primary Contact; Number:  Enter the contact telephone number.
ISA/GS Submitter ID:  Enter your Change Healthcare assigned “Integrated ID”.
1000A Submitter Name:  This will default to the practice name, change if desired.
1000A Submitter ID:  Enter your Change Healthcare assigned “Integrated ID”.
Taxonomy: Leave Blank
User ID:  Enter your Change Healthcare assigned “Integrated ID”.
Password:  Enter your “Webpass1” as the password.
Communication Session:  Leave default; “CHEV”.

18.  Click Next, then click Next on the following screen (“Configuring Receivers”).

19.  On the “Edit Receivers” window, find the line for the EDI Receiver being setup, and make changes to the fields as necessary (click outside the fields to return to the main grid):

               Group Practice:  Check for “Group Practice”, un-check for “Individual/Non-group”.
UseBillingService:  Check if this a Billing Service submitter, billing for a practice.

20. Select appropriate option for EntityType:  1/Individual, 2/Group.

21.  Comm Session:  Leave default; “CHEV”.

22.  Click Next, then Finish.

23.  Back at the “Revenue Management Practice List”, highlight the desired practice, then click Select.

24.  The Revenue Management main window should open.  If the “Claim Editor Database Update” window also appears, close Revenue Management, then click Next on the update window.  Click Next, then Start.  When the update finishes, click Finish.  Open Revenue Management again.

25.  If the “Install?” window appears, verify no one else is in Revenue Management, then click Yes, then OK, to continue.  When “The Claims Editor update has been installed”, click OK.  Open Revenue Management again.

26.  At the main Revenue Management screen, go to Configure, then Insurance, then Eligibility Receivers.

27.  For any Insurance you wish to perform an EV check for, and have entered the appropriate Eligibility ID, select CHEV under the “EligibilityReciever” column.

28.  Click Save when finished.

29.  Revenue Management is now ready to generate EV requests for Change Healthcare.


1.  Close Lytec.

2.  Go to Windows Start menu, then “Revenue Management”, then select “Check for Updates”, or search via the Task Bar:

3.  Click “Next” or “Start” when prompted, and “Finish” when the update is done.

4. Open Lytec..

5.  Go to “Billing”, then “Revenue Management”, then “Revenue Management”.

6.  If Revenue Management opens, this workstation is already connected, otherwise, select “Connect”.

7.  Browse in to “RMData” folder on your server, then select the “CMDBList” file, and click Open.

8.  Revenue Management should open in a moment.

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