BillFlash Electronic Patient Statements for Lytec


Online eBill
Send cost-saving paperless bills securely accessed through


Online ePay
Payers pay you online at our site


Print & Mail
Send professionally printed bills via
USPS First-Class Mail


In OfficePay
Process walk-in, mail, and phone payments

This offer is for new services added with either new or existing standard BillFlash Accounts

* eBill Service - Send unlimited paperless eBills FREE for 30 days.
* Mail Service - Send unlimited Mailed bills FREE OF PROCESSING SERVICE FEES for 30 days. YOU ONLY PAY THE COST OF FIRST-CLASS POSTAGE FOR EACH MAILING plus any additional postage for exceeding two ounces or for foreign addresses. We will collect a standard refundable postage deposit as financial security.
*  Pay Services (ePay and OfficePay) – Process unlimited Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and eCheck transactions for FREE DURING THE MONTH you activate services PLUS ONE FULL CALENDAR MONTH. Includes one card reader for FREE.
* Save over 60% when you convert Mail to eBills
Our typical customer sees about a 65% savings for each bill that they convert from print and Mail to paperless eBill.
* Send eBills FREE with each paid Mail bill
BillFlash does not charge any additional fee to send an eBill along with a paid Mail bill. Use this opportunity to invite your Payers to try eBills without any cost to you.
* Earn Mail discounts for every BillFlash Payment
Most BillFlash customers earn a credit toward future Mail charges each time they process an ePay or OfficePay transaction (online, walk-in, phone, or mail).

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