Lytec MD

Lytec® MD combines the practice management (PM) features of Lytec with a proven electronic medical record (EMR) that has helped thousands of practices improve quality of care and financial performance. With Lytec MD, you keep the PM you know and add the EMR that can take you to the next level of practice automation.

Lytec MD's Unique Design Makes Patient Documentation More Efficient

  • Easy to complete progress notes.
    Unlike other EMRs, Lytec MD features a unique note-centric design that allows physicians to complete the entire chart from the progress note. Any information you add to the note – such as medications, vital sign results or lab results – automatically update the entire chart, all from the note.
  • Works the way you do.
    Documentation tools adapt to the providers’ style and offer a choice of data entry methods including: templates, speech recognition, transcription, digital pen, dictation and Web-based patient data entry.
  • Delivers quick access to patient information.
    A provider dashboard lets you view all critical information – including messages, incoming results and a daily patient schedule – in one place. In addition, a review bin provides at-a-glance viewing of notes, documents and lab results.
  • Efficiently manages orders.
    Physicians are able to quickly see overdue orders and track each order by patient, status and expected time for a result to return. In addition, incoming results automatically update order stat.

Lytec MD Enhances Quality

  • Supports care plan with built-in evidence-based content.
    Lytec MD offers easy access to the information you need to ensure exceptional care. An extensive knowledge base includes: Web-based access to hundreds of disease and medication protocols; a broad range of progress note templates covering both primary care and specialty topics, which include guidelines for diagnosis and treatment and care reminders.
  • Enhances preventive care.
    Health maintenance protocols based on age, sex, disease, medications or other conditions specific to the patient. Includes disease and medication protocols. All are user configurable.
  • Builds in extra safety for medication management.
    Electronic prescribing (via SureScripts® and RxHub®) improves patient safety and speeds new Rx and refill workflow. Physicians and other providers use thousands of Rx templates and a comprehensive database of drug costs and checks – drug interaction, drug/allergy, drug/disease, drug/diagnosis – in addition to proactive dose advice.
  • Offers quick data inquiries and reporting.
    Streamlines reporting for population data management, pay for performance reporting, quality of care analysis, practice analysis, audits, and clinical studies. It easily handles standard queries (e.g. all diabetics who have had an HgbA1C greater than 7.5 in the last six months) as well as complex requests with up to 14 variables.

Lytec MD Delivers Tools to Help Manage Your Day

  • Analyze the note with a sophisticated coding advisor for Evaluation and Management codes using both the 1995 and 1997 CMS Documentation Guidelines to optimize coding based on documentation. Support consultations and time-based CPT coding.
  • Load transcribed text and populate the entire patient chart including the problem list, medication list, medical histories and vital signs. Partially dictate a visit and have the transcribed text automatically go to the correct place in the note.  
  • Import and export chart summary data using CCD or CCR formats. Communicate with other practice’s EMRs or with the patient’s personal health record (PHR).
    When importing the data, choose which chart sections to update while still keeping an entire copy of the imported document.  
  • Customized chart viewing by physician allows provider (and specialty) specific views for charts, chart summaries and flow charts.
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