Lytec 2021 has exciting new features

Lytec© powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to Lytec 2021.

  • OCR Scanning for Importing Digital Text*
  • Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool powered by IMO® Terminology*
  • Demographic Information Can Be Requested on Real-time Eligibility Checks
  • Charges & Payments Screen Gets Multiple Workflow Improvements
  • Custom Color Coding of Patients
  • Increase Data Storage Limits with SQL FileSTream
  • EHR Interface to Aprima
*Additional fees will be applied for use of these features.

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OCR Scanning for Importing Digital Text

Optical Character Recognition or OCR works with your scanning functionality in Lytec 2021 to convert printed characters such as policy numbers, some demographic data, and copays into digital text in your software. You can scrape data from previously saved images or from new scans. Verify the scanned data, select the information you want to save to your Patient’s Insurance tab, and click OK. It’s that simple! The new insurance data will appear automatically in the patient insurance record. The scanned data will be listed at the top of the insurance tab assisting you to select the correct insurance code ordeciding whether you need to add a new insurance. Creating a new insurance will be automatically populated with data from the OCR card scan. Scanned data can be saved to the primary, secondary, or tertiary insurance tabs. Eliminate mistakes, save time, and increase the accuracy of your patient insurance information with OCR scanning in Lytec 2021. It’s the most important feature you never knew you needed.

Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool powered by IMO® Terminology

Simplify your workflow to document, analyze, and manage patient data to save time and maximize reimbursement. Lytec 2021 includes enhanced ICD-10 search powered by IMO® Terminology.

  • Document and bill with confidence and ease. Precise problem terminology helps clinicians quickly find and accurately document and code diagnoses.
  • Accurately code the superbill. Problem and diagnosis search quickly finds the right clinical descriptors that pull accurate codes for billing and quality reporting.
  • Gain insights at the point of care. Problem-driven coding streamlines the process to accurately bill and get paid, while supporting quality reporting and analysis.

Demographic Information Can Be Requested on Real-time Eligibility Checks

Lytec 2020 introduced enhanced eligibility displays to help keep your practice revenue flowing. Lytec 2021 takes it to the next level with some additional patient demographic information being returned with a real-time eligibility request. No more reading messy handwriting or inputting incorrect data that can lead to denials. Now you can verify that you have accurate patient insurance information including coverage, co-pays, coinsurance, and various patient demographics.

Fewer Clicks for Real-Time Eligibility Checks

Time is precious. That’s why we made improvements to our real-time eligibility checks. Enhanced intelligence means the system knows when to skip prompts that don’t apply resulting in a faster workflow.

Charges & Payments Screen Gets Multiple Workflow Improvements

In Lytec 2021 we added new capabilities to streamline your workflow. Now you can add AR Tracker Notes directly from the Charges and Payments screen. Don’t interrupt your workflow by leaving one screen for another. Now you can do it right inline – streamlining workflow and speeding your processes. Another improvement is the ability to assign, reassign, or remove AR Tracker agents, tasks or due dates right from the screen. Better yet, you can make these changes for both the patient and insurance balances. It’s like opening AR Tracker without actually opening it!

Custom Color Coding of Patients

Have you ever wished for a quick way to identify patients with no insurance, or those with overdue balances? Wish granted. With new custom color-coding tag abilities in Find Patient lookup grids, you can quickly identify patients with certain characteristics. Create your color tags and descriptions, assign a patient the appropriate tag, and you are set. Now when you display a Find Patient lookup it will be color coded for quick identification.

Increase Data Storage Limits with SQL FileSTream

Do you want to scan more insurance cards and other images, but you’re running into SQL Server database size limits? In Lytec 2021 the new FileStream capabilities allow your image data to be stored outside of the database, so they no longer count toward the database size limits. Plus, your normal database backup will automatically include the FileStream images. That’s right! SQL Server backups and restores the files as if they were part of the database.

EHR Interface with eMDs Award-Winning Aprima Solution

Now, your Lytec PM works with our award-winning EHR software in an all-in-one affordable bundle. Less disruption, more efficiency? Yes please! eMDs Aprima offers a uniquely fast, flexible, and powerful EHR designed to complement and simplify your workflow, not hinder it. Developed to work the way you do, the Aprima EHR frees you from the constraints of templates with an intuitive, free-flowing interface designed to follow the flow of a patient visit.

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