Medical Billing Services for Lytec & Medisoft Providers

2K Medical Billing Systems provides Revenue Cycle Management & Medical Billing Services to Lytec & Medisoft Providers.
As a National Value Added Reseller of Lytec & Medisoft we can improve your cash flow, improve reimbursement, and increase your bottom line. We have developed direct electronic claims software for Lytec and Medisoft enabling faster payment of claims.


Declining reimbursement, the increasing costs of operating a practice, time-consuming regulatory burdens, and hassles with getting paid by insurance companies and patients are putting enormous pressure on your practice's revenue cycle.
You can no longer afford to continue with "business as usual." It's time for a new solution that will provide the expertise, smart tools, and technology to help you thrive in this dynamic market. A typical practice leaves up to 30%* of its revenue on the table each year due to inefficient billing practices. Our revenue cycle management services can help you get it back.

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Maximize Your Lytec & Medisoft Revenue Cycle Management





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Denials and Underpayment Recovery Service
We can help you develop and implement billing and collection improvement strategies that are designed to minimize accounts receivable (AR) days, reduce denials and optimize collection results.

  • Manage denied claims
  • Analyze payer adjustment codes
  • Contact payers to dispute discrepancies


Electronic Remittance and Payment Posting
Through our electronic remittance and payment posting service, we quickly and efficiently adjudicate claims or patient-responsible accounts, leading to a reduced number of days in outstanding AR.

  • Timely deposits
  • EOB tracking
  • End of day balancing


Accounts Receivable Management
As all the changes related to healthcare reform begin to rollout, we can help accelerate total collections. By accurately forecasting net revenue calculations and cash flow projections (based on payer mix and monthly trending), your AR remains within healthy limits.

  • Leverage best practices in professional fee billing
  • Apply cash receipts
  • Manage aging accounts


Collections Management
We can help decrease bad debt and increase revenue by handling hard-to-collect claims.

  • Outstanding claims, across payer types, by age and by balance
  • Patient balance follow-up
  • Customized payment plan
  • Medicare secondary reimbursement


Billing and Claims Management
We provide you with detailed monthly reporting of net revenue calculations and cash flow projections based on payer mix and monthly trending.

  • Delinquent claim management, including determining claim status and root causes
  • Claim resubmission and/or appeals
  • Research and validate credit balances
  • Process Refund Requests

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