Lytec CPT Codes

How to add new transaction and cpt codes in Lytec

1. On the main menu bar, click Lists, then Transaction Codes.

2.  Click the New button on the right-hand side of the window.

3.  Enter a Transaction Code at the top of the window.  With Procedure codes, it is highly recommended you enter the 5-character CPT Code, rather then a descriptive or alpha-characters code.

4.  On the Description tab, enter a Description, select the appropriate Type (which we will cover in just a moment).  The CPT Description field is for codes imported via the system.  Place a check mark in the This is a lab procedure which requires a CLIA number where applicable box if a CLIA number is required on claims where this code is used.

5.  Example Procedure Codes – Transaction Code / Description / Type:

8.  Next click on the Defaults tab.  Select a Place of Service using the magnifying glass icon, or if none have been entered click the Add… button on the Find Place     of Service window. 

Here are some example Place of Service Codes:

11 Office 50 Federally Qualified Health Center
12 Home 51 Inpatient Psychiatric Facility
21 Inpatient Hospital 52 Psychiatric Facility Partial Hospital
22 Outpatient Hospital 53 Community Mental Health Center
23 Emergency Room – Hospital 54 Intermediate Care Facility
24 Ambulatory Surgical Center 55 Residential Substance Abuse Facility
25 Birthing Center 56 Psychiatric Residential Treatment
26 Military Treatment Facility 60 Mass Immunization Center
31 Skilled Nursing Facility 61 Comprehensive Inpatient Rehab
32 Nursing Facility 62 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab
33 Custodial Care Facility 65 End-Stage Renal Disease Facility
34 Hospice 71 State or Local Public Health Clinic
41 Ambulance – Land 72 Rural Health Clinic
42 Ambulance – Air or Water 81 Independent Laboratory

9.  Also on the Defaults tab, in the General section, the Type of Service is not typically used, the CPT Code field however, must be populated with the 5-character CPT code.  Also enter a default Charge amount.  If Fee Schedules are used, that amount will take precedence over the default amount.

10.  On the Defaults tab, in the NDC Codes section, enter an NDC Code, Units, and Measurement if needed.

11.  On the Defaults tab, in the Billing section, there are 3 check boxes.

Taxable:  Check this box if the item is taxable.
Print on claims:  Check this box if the item should print on claim forms.
Charge patient only:  Check this box the patient only should be charged.

12.  Click Save when finished.

13.  Items can also be entered as an ‘Inventory Item’ thus allowing stock to be tracked via reports.

14.  To enter an Inventory Item, click Lists, then Transaction Codes on the main menu bar.  Next click New on the right-hand side of the Transaction Codes Window.

15.  Enter a Transaction Code, such as NEEDLES, and a Description, like Blood Draw Needles, and set the Type to Inventory.

16.  Next click on the Defaults tab.  You’ll most likely want to remove the check mark from Print on claims, and leave the Taxable and Charge patient only boxes un-checked, unless if insurance is to be charged.  Each office needs to determine their own procedures and charges.  If this is something that is billed to insurance you will want to enter the CPT code instead of an alpha-character Transaction Code, and will also want to enter the CPT code on the defaults tab.

17.  Next click on the Inventory tab.  Enter the Retail Price (charge), Wholesale Price (your cost), Quantity on Hand, and Reorder at values.  If you place a check mark in the Issue reminder when reordering is necessary box, a reminder will appear, while in the Charges and Payments window, when the “Reorder at…” value is reached.

18.  When supplies are replenished you can enter what was received by clicking the Receive inventory… button at the bottom of this tab

19.  Click Save when finished.

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