Lytec 2021 Pre-Sale

Lytec 2021 Pre-Sale is Now.

We are offering discounted pricing on Lytec 2021 to customers that purchase by November 20, 2020. After that the price goes up. 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to reserve your copy at the reduced rate. Contact us immediately to get started today. 

Click below for a quick video on what you can expect in Lytec 2021. 

Lytec. Tried and True. Three Decades of Experience. An Unbeatable Price.

Lytec powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Check out the benefits you can leverage with Lytec 2021.

Support for insurance payments by credit cardXXXXXXX
New ability to default NDC codes in Charges and PaymentsXXXXXXX
Upgraded Crystal ReportsXXXXXXX
Patient Intake tool added to Lytec Mobile XXXXXX
New Accounts Receivable Tracker for working AR balances  XXXXX
Integration with AutoRemind for appointment reminders  XXXXX
Expanded functionality in Lytec Mobile   XXXX
Enhancements to Real-Time Eligibility and EOB functionality   XXXX
New customizable coding edits   XXXX
Claim Status verification with electronic response from clearinghouse   XXXX
Move Credits workflow    XXX
Patient Connect – patient engagement and communication tool    XXX
Customized printable appointment schedules    XXX
Insurance timely filing calculator    XXX
AR Tracker refresh button    XXX
Advanced duplicate patient record matching    XXX
Single view hold codes    XXX
Cash posting of payments & unlocked fields in BillFlash OfficePay    XXX
New duplex scanning capability and full-page scans viewing     XX
New timely filing and appointment date filters in AR Tracker     XX
Enhanced eligibility response displays     XX
New patient balance field on custom displayed and printed appointment schedule     XX
New filters and enhancements to Patient Connect     XX
New charge entry messaging capabilities adding missing data test parameters     XX
Multiple mobile app enhancements including: Pull the permanent diagnosis and display on the patient preview card Ability to edit and delete appointments View additional insurance information Add middle initial to patient names Add facility code         X    X
OCR scanning of insurance cards and return of demographic information      X
Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool powered by IMO® Terminology      X
Demographic information returned on eligibility checks      X
Multiple revenue management improvements related to batch eligibility checks      X
Fewer clicks for real-time eligibility checks      X
SQL version installation of your choice      X
SQL server FileStream enabled to help reduce database size of scanned images      X
Accept up to 12 diagnosis codes transferred from EHR (*up to 6 from Practice Partner)      X
Create AR tracker notes directly from Charges & Payments screen      X
Assign agent, task, and due date from Charges & Payments screen      X
Custom color coding for quick identification of patient types in patient lookup grids      X
EHR Interface with eMDs award-winning Aprima solution      X

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