Lytec Clia Number

How to enter Clia Numbers in Lytec

To get a CLIA number to print on claims, a couple items need to be setup or checked.

First go to “Lists”, then “Transaction Codes”.

Check any Transaction Codes that require a CLIA, have the “This is a lab procedure which requires a CLIA number where applicable” option selected (click “Save” after selecting the option as needed).

Next, check that you have a “Laboratory” setup with the correct CLIA number. Laboratories, may be external entities, or your own internal lab.

To check this, go to “Lists”, then “Standard Lists”, then “Laboratories”.

Check any relevant Laboratories, and enter or verify the “CLIA Number” is correct (click “Save” after making changes as needed).

Lastly, set the Laboratory on any billings that require it, that is any billings where a code that requires a CLIA number was used.

To do this, go to “Billing”, then “Charges and Payments”, then “Charges and Payments”.

Select the Patient and then Billing that needs a CLIA number.

Click the “Billing” button in the bottom-left corner of the Charges & Payments screen…

…then select “Bill Options”.

Select the “Laboratory”, and optionally check the “Lab Charges” option and enter an amount if applicable.

Click “OK”, then “Save”, when finished.

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