Radiology Billing Softare



Keeping track of patient records, managing your radiology inventory, maintaining low costs and minimizing billing errors are all important roles involved in radiology practice management. Why not have customized radiology software to help you meet your needs, save money and have more time to spend with patients?

Radiology practice management software saves time, money

Juggling your radiology technicians and equipment to ensure maximum patient volume and ensuring you have the right amount of inventory supplies on hand are time-consuming tasks. Let Lytec, the leader in radiology billing software and radiology inventory software help you manage your time. And your radiology practice.

Lytec’s radiology data collection software and our radiology practice management software are designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of radiology practice management.

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Our radiology billing software will help your office:

  • Increase patient safety
  • Improve the quality of service that radiologists and technicians are able to provide
  • Better prepare you for an audit
  • Make it much easier to apply appropriate codes
  • Eliminate dictation costs
  • Increase productivity by reducing errors and rework
  • Easily view and track all aspects of your practice with custom reports
  • Improve medical record sharing
  • Simplify patient accounting

Lytec’s radiology practice management software can have an immediate and dramatic effect on your practice. Try our demo sample today!

►► Download a Free Demo of Lytec Radiology Practice Management Software◄◄