Orthopedic Software



Lytec’s orthopedic billing software is all about saving you time, improving your cash flow and helping you better manage the business side of your practice.

Our orthopedic software has helped thousand of orthopaedic doctors more effectively manage their accounts receivable as well as track authorizations and inventory. Our orthopedic billing software provides an outstanding value that will more than exceed your expectations. Simply put, there’s nothing better.

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 With over 50,000 installations and a long track record of success, we know our orthopedic billing software will improve your orthopaedic practice. Here are just a few of the many benefits other orthopedic doctors have experienced:

  • Easily met HIPPA compliance
    Simplified appointment scheduling
  • Improved medical record sharing
  • Created custom data reports
  • Avoided medication errors
  • Eliminated missing charts and chart storage
  • Easily viewed and tracked all aspects of practice with custom reports
  • Improved the quality of service orthopedic surgeons were able to provide
  • Were better prepared for an audit
  • Eliminated dictation costs
  • Increased productivity by reducing errors and rework
  • Improved patient and insurance billing