Oncology Radiation Billing Software



Dedicated to solving your radiation oncology practice needs, Lytec’s unique oncology practice radiation software is designed specifically to meet the needs of your practice. We know your radiation oncology office is busier than ever. Managing the needs of your office — scheduling appointments, managing insurance claims, ensuring HIPPA compliance, as well as reducing expenses — are all part of your daily office management routine. And these tasks take you away from doing what you do best — treating patients.

That’s why Lytec’s created specialized oncology practice radiation software to help alleviate the stresses and worries of managing an oncology practice.

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Lytec’s radiation oncology software is the industry leader. With over 50,000 installations and a long track record of success, we’re in the perfect position to help you save time and money by streamlining your practice. With our radiation oncology software, you will enhance your charge capture, streamline your billing and reduce collections…even for the most complicated procedures.

Customized oncology billing system means more money in your pocket!

We know documentation requirements by federal healthcare agencies and insurance companies are getting harder and harder to comply with. That’s why an automated system makes sense. Our oncology billing system improves your insurance and patient billing systems by making them simpler and more accurate. This leads to faster reimbursements from insurance companies, improved collections and reduced accounts receivables. It will also make it easier for you to keep up with OIG documentation requirements.

Try it for yourself. Download the demo software of our Lytec radiation oncology practice billing software now.