Gastroenterology Billing Software



Gastroenterology software helps clinicians document medical procedures quickly and completely. Streamline your workflow and eliminate costly and unnecessary administrative steps and errors with Lytec’s gastroenterology billing software.


Gastroenterology software improves coding accuracy, eases insurance billing

Make applying the appropriate CPT and ICD codes, as well as CCI edits, easy and effortless by using Lytec’s customized gastroenterology software for your practice.


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Lytec’s gastroenterology software will help you:

  • Ensure HIPPA compliance

  • Schedule appointments more easily

  • Create custom data reports tailored to your clinic

  • Avoid medication errors

  • Eliminate missing charts and chart storage

  • Boost patient safety

  • Improve the quality of service that gastroenterologists are able to provide

  • Be better prepared for an audit

  • Make it much easier to apply appropriate codes and CCI edits

  • Eliminate dictation costs

  • Increase productivity by reducing errors and rework

  • Improve patient and insurance billing

  • Easily view and track all aspects of your practice with custom reports

  • Improve medical record sharing

  • Simplify patient accounting

With over 50,000 installations and a long track record of success, Lytec’s gastroenterology software will have an immediate impact on your practice.

Try it for yourself. Download the demo software of our Lytec gastroenterology practice billing software now!