Dermatology Billing Software



Lytec’s dermatology management software allows you to manage your dermatology practice with exceptional ease.

With our dermatology billing software products you are able to track a patient’s progress and prescribed medicines, plus collection and billing information, including insurance claims and statements, with a simple click of the mouse. Running your office smoothly and seamlessly allows you to do what you do best — help patients live healthier lives. Taking the steps to find the right dermatology software today is the right step!

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That’s where Lytec’s dermatology software can help.

Our customized dermatology software will help your practice


  • Easily meet HIPPA compliance

  • Schedule appointments easily

  • Improve medical record sharing

  • Create custom data reports tailored to your clinic

  • Avoid medication errors

  • Eliminate missing charts and chart storage
  • Easily view and track all aspects of your practice

  • Improve the quality of service that dermatologists and clinicians are able to provide

  • Be better prepared for an audit

  • Eliminate dictation costs

  • Increase productivity by reducing errors and rework

  • Improve patient and insurance billing

Lytec’s dermatology billing software can have an immediate and dramatic effect on your practice.