2KMobile Link for Lytec

2KMobile Link is Patented Technology offering real-time mobile use of a medical practice management system. Our patented technology permits use of a mobile computing device to operate a medical practice management system without synchronizing data from the mobile computing device with a remote computer system containing the medical practice management system. 2KMobile Link is a browser based application requiring no software installation on the mobile device supporting a majority of today's cellular phones.

2KMobile Link Features

  • Run the application from any cellular phone with internet access or any device with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
  • Secure real time remote access of patient information, SOAP Notes, appointments and billing from medical practice management software with no delay or hotsync of data.
  • No software installation on mobile devices.
  • Create, view, and edit patient appointments.
  • Create, view, edit, copy and print superbills.
  • Create, view, and edit patient information.
  • Create, view and edit diagnosis and cpt codes.
  • Refined search by common diagnosis and cpt codes.
  • Customize the display on the superbill screen.
  • View reports and files posted online.
  • Search the patient database by patient type or category.
  • Customize data entry screens with pull down menus.
  • Supports Fee Schedules from the Practice Management System.
  • Administrative Panel- review and edit new entries made through 2KMobile Link; setup user rights; create superbill rules to reduce claim denials.
  • Create SOAP Notes that post pending superbills into the billing system.
  • Print Superbill slips from the appointments or Superbill screen.
  • Print walkout statements with copay.
  • Attach files to a patient's record such as insurance cards and X-Rays.
  • Create unlimited customizable Superbill templates that automatically post new charges into the billing system.
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