Relay Health Clearinghouse for Lytec



Relay Health Electronic Claims Filing Service for Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross,
Blue Shield and Commercial Carriers

EDI Bundled Subscription Services Fees:

               $90 per month per provider fee includes the following:

Unlimited Electronic Claims
Unlimited Electronic Remitance Advice (ERA)

Unlimited Eligibility Verification


               $199 Enrollment Fee per Practice

Itemized Subscription Services

Unlimited Electronic Claims $50 per Provider per month
Unlimited Remitance (ERA) $25 per Provider per month
Unlimited Eligibility Verification $25 per Provider per month
Enrollment Fee per Practice $199
Paper Claims
$.55 per transaction

Per Transaction Pricing

Electronic Claims $.40 per transaction
Electronic Remittance $.20 per transaction
Eligibility Verification $.20 per transaction
Monthly Minimum $30 per month
Paper Claims
$.55 per transaction
Electronic Patient Statements 1st page: $.67
Additional pages up to 4: $.17
Software Requirements Lytec Medical 2014 or Higher

Billing Services, radiology, and laboratory are not eligible for flat/multi-physician pricing. Pricing for these sites is 0.40 per claim with FREE Commercial Claims. Paper claims are an additional 0.55 cents per claim for all price plans.