2K Medical Billing Software Features Lytec 2018

Lytec 2018
is designed to help your practice maximize your revenue as you navigate an increasingly difficult regulatory landscape as well as a shift toward patient responsibility. Lytec 2018 includes some exciting new features that will allow you to collect more per scheduled visit.This includes the accounts recievable tracking too, ICD-10 & CPT Codes search tool with 2018 codes, Enhanced Eligibility Checking; Customizable Coding Edits to Reduce Claim Denials; Improved Payment Processing with New Filtering Options; Improved Electronic Claim Status Checking; Expanded Mobile Functionality for Adding New Patient Appointments and Improved Customization of Superbills.integrated appointment reminder system, plus much more. Lytec 2018 also offers an electronic medical record (EMR) solution designed specifically for Lytec users called Lytec MD.


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Lytec 2017

Lytec 2018 Single User

Lytec 2018 Multi User

Lytec 2018 Professional

• Supports up to one computer
• 30 Days Lytec Support
• 2018 ICD-10 & CPT Codes

• Supports up to three computers
• 30 Days Lytec Support
• 2018 ICD-10 & CPT Codes

• Lytec 2018 for Five Users
• 30 Days Lytec Support
• 2018 ICD-10 & CPT Codes

Lytec MD EMR Software

With the Lytec 2018 release, Lytec offers a complete practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) solution called Lytec MD. The Lytec MD solution includes the great practice management features of Lytec 2018 plus a proven EMR that has helped practices of all sizes improve their quality of care and financial performance.

Lytec MD Medical Software
Medical Billing Services

2K Medical has partnered with some of the leading medical billing companies in the industry to provide medical billing services to our Lytec customers. Our services specialize in utilizing your existing Lytec program to maximize practice revenue and billing performance.


Medical Billing Services by 2K Medical Billing


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